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Ad-Vantage, New Zealand refit

Case Study Details

Applicator: Oceania Marine, Whangarei


“One of the biggest Propspeed jobs we have carried out to date, we are sure that with the distances this vessel is due to cover in the future the owner will see the full benefit of Propspeed in terms of improved speed and fuel consumption, double the props (4 of them!) means double the benefits for this client!

This was the second major refit on this type of vessel carried out recently at Oceania Marine and our second project for this owner, once again everybody did a fantastic job complete the project on time, to a very high standard. Works on this project included, among many other things, constructing and installing a submarine hangar, crane installation, an interior fit out, stabiliser installation, a hull extension and a full repaint, including Propspeed of course.”

- Jim Loynes, Oceania Marine

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