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What is Propspeed?

Propspeed is a silicone, fouling release system created in New Zealand to reduce the incidence of "barnacles" in boat propellers.

How it works?

Silicone completely coats metal parts, reducing surface friction with water, thereby reducing fuel consumption, vibration and wear on the engines, as well as helping to reduce the periodic maintenance of the engines.
By having an extremely smooth surface, the "barracas" have no adhesion, releasing themselves with the friction of the water or any soft surface.



Propspeed is environment-friendly.
The Tamar social project uses the product applied to tracked turtle trackers. As it does not contain heavy metals in its composition, it improves the receptivity of the signals and increases the life of the trackers.
The Sailing Sense Project, a sailing practice for people with Uscher Syndrome, also receives support from the company in

Who use?

Any kind of vessel, from sailboats to service ships.
The product is suitable for any metal surface below the waterline. Propspeed increases the life of the engines and improves the performance of the boats, either in final speed or in the great reduction of fuel consumption (10% on average).

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