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Theory application:

- Use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).
- It is strongly recommended to apply by 2 or more professionals.


- Remove old coatings and / or impurities such as barnacles and seaweed, prepare the surface with sandpaper, 60G sheet and / or 80G Hookit."


- Wash the surfaces with PROPCLEAN solution and immediately wipe with white cloth until there is no dirt on the part. To proceed to the next step, the cloth should turn white after contact with the part. Cleanliness is the key to Propspeed's success.


Apply the PROPPREP solution and immediately wipe with white cloth, changing it when dirty, so that the surface is free of impurities and dries.




- Promote HOMOGENIZATION with a spatula to dissolve the solids that are deposited in the bottom of the PROPSPEED - ETCHING PRIMER can and then CONSTANT SHAKE add the Catalyst with the PROPSPEED - ETCHING PRIMER in the proportion of 4: 1, being 4 parts of the component A PROPSPEED - ETCHING PRIMER for 1 part of Component B Catalyst, shake for another 2 to 3 minutes for a perfect blend.

- It is recommended to use the entire contents of the PROPSPEED - ETCHING PRIMER packaging with the Catalyst.

- Apply 2 OR MORE PROPSPEED - ETCHING PRIMER Coating made with SHARED WOOD roller with a layer of 10 microns of uniform thickness ensuring the total coating, respecting the recoating interval of 3 to 5 minutes to apply the next coat.
When the surface is completely covered with primer, perform the ""dry to the touch"" test to follow with the application of PROPSPEED - CLEARCOAT FINISH.
IMPORTANT The application of CLEARCOAT (silicone) should not wait more than 5 to 10 minutes after the primer has dried.

- The application of PROPSPEED - CLEARCOAT FINISHING must be carried out with a SPECIAL STRAW TRINCH (Ref. ATLAS-PLUMATEK / TIGER-TRINCHA MARITIMA) and a coat of PROPSPEED - CLEARCOAT FINISH will be required to achieve a uniform layer of 75 microns thickness. Check the application after 15 minutes, ensuring the total coating of the part.

- It is essential to wait 24 hours for the product to dry completely before the water boat descends.

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