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How does Propspeed work?
Propspeed’s unique “foul release” formulation produces a surface that does not allow marine growth to
permanently attach.
What are the benefits of Propspeed?
Propspeed will keep your running gear free from marine growth and will increase your vessel’s speed and
reduce your fuel consumption.
Is Propspeed environmentally friendly?
Yes. Propspeed contains no tin, copper, biocides or pesticides.
Is Propspeed good value?
Absolutely! For years boaters have asked for a coating to keep their running gear free of marine growth.
Propspeed not only delivers a coating that answers this call, but will deliver higher speeds and fuel
savings, when compared with unprotected running gear.
How long should Propspeed last on my vessel?
Propspeed should last at least one year but many customers report up to two years of service.
Do I need anything to maintain my Propspeed application?
Propspeed’s unique “foul release” formulation is self-cleaning. However, it is acceptable if your diver
gently wipes Propspeed with a non-abrasive cloth, rinsing frequently to avoid collecting shells.
Can I haul my vessel multiple times without having to re-apply Propspeed?
Yes. Propspeed can be hauled and launched multiple times without affecting its performance.
Who should apply Propspeed to my vessel?
We recommend that you have a certifi ed applicator apply Propspeed to your vessel.
Can I use Propspeed on my Kiwi Props?
Yes you can. Preparation is similar to any other Propspeed application, except you do not need to apply
the etching primer, just apply the Clear Coat after normal preparation.
Can I spray Propspeed?
We do not recommend the spraying of the clear top coat as it is a silicone based product which can easily
contaminate other vessels in the yard if not handled correctly.
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